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Mountain Goat

With its amazing network of trails, turquoise alpine lakes and incredible history, it's no wonder that Lake O'Hara is known around the world as 'The Jewel of the Canadian Rockies'.  Trails in this area start at high elevation and therefore in a short time you are rewarded with stunning views, incredible vistas - and if you are lucky, a view of mountain goats high on the ridge above.


Due to its reputation, reservations for Lake O'Hara are difficult to secure. Access to the Lake O'Hara region is through a quota system with Parks Canada.  We are in competition with other guides to secure these spots and therefore it is NEVER A GUARANTEE we can secure a bus reservation.


If we are able to secure a reservation for you we will be required to take a return shuttle 11km from the highway to Lake O'Hara. This shuttle is provided by Parks Canada.  

Once there, we will have a incredible network of trails to choose from. All which offer stunning views of the area.  Throughout the day your guide will include plenty of rest breaks during which they will provide interpretive stories and offer insight into the life behind the amazing scenery.  

Bookings:   If you'd like to go to Lake O'Hara, please let us know the dates that you are interested in.   If the above policy is not acceptable to you, we cannot accept your Lake O'Hara reservation.  

Cost:  $225 per person plus 5% GST for a private booking.  Maximum group size is 4 guests plus one guide. No exceptions.

Cost includes bus reservation fees and snacks for the day.  Guests are required to have a National Park Pass for entry into Yoho National Park. 




Things to Know:  

  •  Season for Lake O'Hara runs from approximately June 14 - September 30. This is dependent on snowpack and the amount varies from year to year. Prior to July 1 snow is still typically present on alpine trails.  

  • Trails in this area range from Moderate to Difficult, therefore some hiking experience is recommended.  All trails require walking on rocky, uneven terrain.

  • At the time of booking, you will be required to choose an ingoing and ongoing bus time.  Bus times are as follows:

        Ingoing: 8:30 am or 10:30am

        Outgoing: 2:30pm, 4:30pm or 6:30pm

  • The shuttle bus parking lot is 10 minutes from Lake Louise, 15 minutes from Field, 1 hour from Banff or Golden, 80 minutes from Canmore.

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