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Yoho National park

guided day hikes

Twin Falls
Grizzly Bear
Mt Burgess
Emerald Lake

Yoho National Park is the smallest of the neighbouring parks of Banff, Jasper and Kootenay giving this park an intimate feel.  Although small, it still has lots to offer with impressive scenery, spectacular waterfalls, expansive glaciers and over 400 km’s of hiking trails. Add Yoho’s famous Burgess Shale fossils and it’s easy to see why this park in the Canadian Rockies is a hiker's paradise.


Choose your Yoho Guided Adventure 

    1) Emerald Basin

         Available May 15 - September 31, 2019

         Easy Half Day (5 hours - 9.2km return)

         Elevation Gain 225m


Starting around the shoreline of Emerald Lake we will enjoy spectacular views of Mt Burgess and the UNESCO world heritage site.   From here we travel through ancient stands of hemlock and cedar and ascent into a magnificent amphitheatre whilst exploring Yoho's diverse landscape . Great for the whole family. ​

    2) Takkakkaw Falls to Twin Falls 

         Available July 1 - September 31, 2019

         Moderate Difficulty (6 hours - 16.5km)

         Elevation Gain 300m 


Beginning at the magnificent Takkakaw falls we follow the Yoho River for impressive views of glaciers and waterfalls. The trail ends with a impressive view of the dual cascades of Twin Falls and a historic visit to the Twin Falls Tea House National Historic Site.​

   3)The Iceline Trail  

         Available July 1 - September 31, 2019

         Advanced Difficulty ( 8 hours - 17.5km)

         Elevation Gain 720m


A must do hike in Yoho National Park. This high alpine circuit departs from Takakkaw Falls and quickly climbs onto a natural moraine with classic glacier views before descending into the meadows of Little Yoho Valley and returning past Laughing Falls. ​

   4) Emerald Triangle  

         Available June 15 - September 31, 2019

         Advanced Difficulty (8 hours - 19.7 km)  

         Elevation Gain 880m

A signature circuit that begins with steady climbs into both Yoho and Burgess Passes and passes through the historic Wapta Highline.  This hike offers grand views of Emerald Lake and an opportunity to learn about the world famous Burgess Shale Fossils.  

Cost: $175 per person (Children 12 and under - $99 per person)

            Single Person : $300 per day


All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and are subject to 5% GST.


Tour Details

All tours are 100% private for each group booking.

All tours depart daily at 9am (custom departure times available on request)

Price includes certified Professional Interpretive Guide

All guests are required to have a National Park Pass for entry into Yoho National Park. 

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